Cool Best Mesh

Cool Best Mesh helps to wick away sweat from the body. This makes it the perfect fabric for activewear clothing and insets. 

Chitosante Interlock and Chitosante Extreme

Chitosante is made from Chitosan which is derived from crab and/or shrimp shells. This process gives the Chitosante the properties of being breathable, durable, fast drying, soft, static-free and allows it to be naturally anti-microbial. These anti-microbial properties also help the fabric to remain odour resistant. We have two weights of Chitosante fabric: our lighter weight Chitosante Interlock and the heavier Chitosante Extreme that contains spandex.


Supplex is a unique fibre that blends the feel of cotton with the technical qualities of nylon.  Fabricana carries a variety of colours and weights of Supplex and Supplex-type fabrics that are perfect for running/exercise jacket, tops, or pants. 

Lycra Swimwear Fabric

We carry Aquarius swimwear fabric in plain colours as well as a variety of weights of printed swimwear. 


Mystique is a 4-way stretch fabric that is laminated in tiny, metallic foil dots over the entire fabric. Since the foil is added by dots, it stretches well, without the worry of “cracking” the laminate. This fabric is perfect for dance, skating and active-wear costumes as well as fun leggings.

Stretch Velvet

Stretch velvet is a 4-way stretch fabric that is thicker than other fabrics making it great for skating dresses, costumes, or very comfortable eveningwear!

Stretch Mesh

We carry a variety of colours of stretch mesh, perfect for an inset, sleeves or the neckline of a costume or garment.